american idol upset?

hey kids! here is a fun item to tide you over to all hallow’s eve!

american idol 4 – so we hear that 3 producers quit the show – after they wanted to shake up the format a bit and fox said no way – no shit sherlock, if it aint broke dont fix it! no worries though – fox claims the show will go on…i cant wait for this show and my love ryan seacrest to return to the tv airwaves – but dont worry there are five (yes five) albums due from past idols – including fantasia, kelly clarkson, ruben studdard, clay aiken, and little diana degarmo (and her stomach – hey west-kevina!) – so we should all have plenty of idol fixes ahead – and then season four shall begin i believe in january!

x-factor – this is the latest ‘talent’ show to rule the ratings in the UK – this coming from mr american idol himself simon cowell – and sassy popbytes fave lady ms. sharon osbourne (she is so cool! we love her and little minnie) – since it’s quite popular over there – expect an american version of X-Factor to appear at some point – its basically american idol with just a slight twist

im out for now – look for my marilyn manson spooky post on halloween! and dont forget to set your clocks back! fall back, spring forward – i so prefer fall!

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