Amy Adams’ rep slams Valentino over PR blunder

Amy Adams

Amy Adams

So, who’s ready for a shipment from the exposition truck? *Beep, beep* It’s here! Anyway, over the weekend Amy Adams attended Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s funeral (they were in The Master together) and brought with her a Valentino bag. You know, because you’re out and you have to carry certain things around. Perfectly normal. At least until a PR person from Valentino saw pictures of it and decided to use them for promotion. SUPER NOT COOL. So while Valentino does some damage control, here’s Adams’ rep calling them out for using a funeral for publicity. Via Page Six

“Amy Adams is not a paid spokesperson for Valentino, and the suggestion she would use this moment to participate in a promotion is truly appalling,” spokeswoman Megan Moss ­Pachon said in a statement. The actress has no public contract with Valentino but did wear a red Valentino dress to the Golden Globes to accept her award for American Hustle.

And this is why we check with the photo agencies for context before we start waving the “look at me!” flag, okay? Look, I know you can’t always know for sure, but when a company for Valentino says “make us look good!” you bet your ass you’ll be double and triple-checking your work.


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