Amy Winehouse cancels her tour!

Amy Winehouse

Okay, this probably shouldn’t be much of a surprise at all since the last concert she did wasn’t so much a concert as it was her vomiting into a microphone so hard that a country wished they could be back under Ottoman rule again if it meant never having to hear that shit again, but Amy Winehouse has canceled her tour of Europe. Yeah, turns out those few days in rehab, might not have been enough.

Her entire summer tour has been canceled after a miserable Saturday night show in Belgrade, where she was an hour late and could barely perform. Even worse, she didn’t know what city she was in, greeting the 20,000+ crowd by saying, “Hello, Athens!” In the wake of the embarrassment, the retro-soul singer, 27, canceled Monday’s concert in Istanbul and Wednesday’s in Athens. SOURCE

Saying Amy Winehouse may have been a tad drunk during her performances is pretty much akin to the captain of the Titanic saying “Those icebergs might scratch the ship up a bit.” Fact of the matter is, no one wants to pay to watch a drunk person do nothing. Believe me, I tried. Turns out, my one man show called “Jeremy Feist drinks an entire bottle of wine then hits on the cute guy in the third row” really was not the lucrative deal I imagined it would be.

Amy Winehouse

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