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good afternoon! i was so bummed that i was unable to attend my darling UK songbird amy winehouse‘s first show here in the states that took place this past tuesday night at the always cool joe’s pub in NYC! yes i even had thoughts of flying in for the show but i know she’ll be in los angeles soon (oh she better get her ass here!) but thankfully my very good friend victoria was able to snag tickets and attend the show and even wrote up a lovely quick review which you can read below! oh i’m so jealous i could burst – i swear when i see ms. winehouse play live i think may just wet myself! i can’t fucking wait to see & hear amy sing in person! and don’t forget ms. winehouse’s amazing sophomore album back to black (which landed the top spot in my fave albums of ’06) will finally get a proper stateside release in march! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS special thanks to prefixmag for snagging the videos below – not the best quality but for sure gives you a sense of how amy’s show went down! and make sure to visit victoria’s blog over at what became of the likely broads!

PSS this just in!!! ms. winehouse has an awesome ‘interface’ feature over on AOL music’s spinner! you must download the .mp3 of her time with AOL – so damn hot! popbytes adores amy – i can’t promote her enough!


America – Meet Amy Winehouse [written by my gal victoria]

There is nothing better then finally seeing an artist live whose record you have had on repeat for MONTHS! Case in point, Amy Winehouse, who has been a frequent visitor during work hours and my Ipod at all hours of the day. Amy played on January 16th at Joe’s Pub for her first ever gigs in the States and she did not disappoint! From the second she took the stage it was absolutely magical. A bit nervous at first but then she started getting into it…dancing, clapping, and just being completely natural.

Though a little drunk (Quote of the night: ‘Mr. Bartender! Can you get me another amaretto sour please’ in her most pleasant accent) she opened her mouth and the whole room stopped. Playing a set that mostly consisted of her latest album Back To Black (which comes out on Universal Records on March 13th), her voice filled the room as mouths dropped because they couldn’t believe that this little tattooed Brit could belt out anything close to Aretha.

The audience gave a standing ovation loud enough for her to rush back for an encore and play ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ and her fantastic cover of The Zutons ‘Valerie’. Everyone screamed and cheered and knew Amy Winehouse has landed.

She even brought out the jigga man (sans Beyonce!)…now that says something!

Here is the setlist:

1. Addicted

2. Just Friends

3. Cherry

4. Back to Black

5. Wake Up Alone

6. Tears Dry On Their Own

7. He Can Only Hold Her/Doo Wop (Lauryn Hill Cover)

8. F**k Me Pumps

9. You Know I’m No Good

10. Rehab

11. Me and Mr. Jones

12. Love is a Losing Game

13. Valerie (Zutons Cover)

Back to Black He Can Only Hold Her/That Thing

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