Amy Winehouse’s unfinished album up for release?

Amy Winehouse

So as I write this, Amy Winehouse has just been laid to rest, and I’m not going to breathlessly cover the funeral because those are meant to be private moments meant for grieving between close friends and family, not as tabloid fodder. What I will discuss is how Amy’s label is currently planning on releasing the unfinished album Amy was working on before she died because that totally seems like the respectable thing to do.

Winehouse had spent the past two years working sporadically on a third album. Sources said that the songs were at demo stage but there was “a lot of material” available. Winehouse’s parents, Mitch and Janis, will have the final say on its release and it is expected to outsell Back To Black‘s five million copies. Industry experts described Winehouse as a true talent and said there would be huge demand for a posthumous album. SOURCE

All right, here’s the thing: these guys do realize that, while she was working on this album, she was also in the throws of the most harrowing chapter of her addictions that ultimately lead to her death, right? As in, chances are she’s going to sound like an emotional, drug-filled wreck? I love Amy, and no offense, but that’s not really how I or no doubt many other people want to remember her, and if that UNFINISHED album is released, chances are that’s how she will be.

Amy Winehouse

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