andy samberg – our SNL cutie!

besides sarah jessica parker we’ve also got andy samberg featured in the latest elle magazine – you probably know him from saturday night live – he was justin timberlake‘s co-star in the now infamous dick in a box skit – he’s so funny & a total cutie! (in an innocent lost puppy way) besides being an SNL cast member mr. samberg is also breaking out into movies – starring in the upcoming comedy hot rod (watch the trailer) due out on august 3rd (the same day jessica simpson‘s flick blonde ambition was supposed to be released but got pushed back…) below are a few quotes from andy (no mention of natalie portman who he was rumored to be involved with) it’ll be interesting to see if he can have a successful movie career – usually a hard thing to pull off for most SNL alums unless your name is will ferrell! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

on living alone: never been a big fan. it’s fine. to be honest, at this point i do like it. that’s not to say it’s my preference. i think i really do like being surrounded by people. but it’s nice to have a little solitude.

on his new film, hot rod: closer to jackass and further from dodgeball. nothing against dodgeball, but a little more raw and less cartoony was the hope. found, not staged.

on his childhood: i was doing some pretty crazy s**t when i was 12. i’d get in trouble at school – a lot. i would always have the needs to display self-control box checked off. but i had a good moral compass.

on the film industry: i feel like there’s so much accepted sexism. everyone talks about doing r-rated movies, and its like, ‘well, you’re going to have some titties!’ and it’s like, ‘what? no!’ that’s not a sacrifice we would ever want to make. we love to have cursing but it doesn’t mean that you have to have a girl take her shirt off. but it makes money. that’s the argument from the studios.

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