angelina & brad: breakup rumors!

yo yo yo! so the brangelina baby o’ beauty & perfect genes is only a mere six weeks away (may 18th) & rumors are swirling all around! is brad pitt (42) sleeping on the couch in their hot paris apartment? has the daily grind o’ reality finally brought angelina jolie (30) down? does he really miss los angeles? is she just insane & unbearable? oh angie & brad! these are the questions (in my head) and so please find some ‘rumored’ answers below…i do really hope these two mega-hotties can weather the storm and stay together! i so wanna see a sextape of these two – fuego! it’s too damn soon for a break-up…that would be so insanely wild & kinda sad! i think i would pass out cold!

so go on and check out the scandalous story from STAR magazine below – as always just click the images to bring up the larger versions that you can actually read…popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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