angelina, brad, & shiloh (wax versions)

i know i’m a bit behind on this since almost everyone posted already on waxy brangelina but i felt like pee-wee herman in his ‘big adventure’ when he was saving animals from that burning pet store and kept passing by those snakes…he was so creeped out by them but he knew eventually he would have to save them – which he does…and then passes out! oh man i love that movie!

so i saw the picture below and kept looking the other way (wax figures totally give me the willies) but knew i’d eventually have to post on the new creepy wax set-up of angelina jolie, brad pitt, and baby shiloh-nouvel over at NYC’s madame tussauds! luckily both zahara & maddox escaped from having their very own wax doppelgangers! lordy – angelina’s expression is truly frightening – like a zombie coming to get us all – her eyes – so scary! i agree with my pal tabloid whorenightmares! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS gosh – the jolie-pitts get all ‘waxed out’ and still no pictures of baby suri cruise!


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