angelina jolie is scared!

oh heck i’d be scared too if i was about to pop out a pair of brad pitt‘s babies – i’m sure giving birth is a totally beautiful & fulfilling human experience but it for sure must be a little nerve wracking! i’m such a nervous nelly – i would be beside myself if i had two babies growing inside of me getting ready to bust out of my privacy zone! this week’s STAR magazine is featuring angelina jolie once again opening up on some hot topics (like her sex life with mr. pitt) right before she’s about to give birth and when she does – the jolie-pitt kid clan will expand to a total of six!

in other stories there’s rumblings again that johnny depp will marry his long-time partner & baby mama vanessa paradis – this rumor has been on the gossip circuit for years (check out this cover from 2006) i’m sure mr. depp will make a proper lady out of her someday! next we’ve got lynne spears and her upcoming book ‘through the storm: a real story of fame and family in a tabloid world’ which the magazine claims will contain a few juicy & scandalous tidbits on her daughters britney & jamie lynn but i’m sure it’ll be on the tame side – she’s certainly not going to tell ‘all’ – that’s a whole other book best left unwritten…

last but certainly not least there’s mega-hottie matthew mcconaughey boozing it up down in nicaragua while his pregnant brazilian model girlfriend camila alves is probably wondering where her baby daddy is! he has always had a sexy party frat boy vibe and i doubt having a kid is going to change his ways but he does seem like a decent guy – he was probably just having little innocent fun (i’m still looking at the pictures of him shirtless from the other day – he’s so freakin’ hot – phew) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

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