angelina jolie – sinner or saint?

oh my word!! what a wild day it has been – i actually had my best day of traffic ever – mainly thanks to my recent angelina jolie post (thanks miu!) – but what’s really crazy is all the comments & debate that ensued over angelina – a bunch of gals have been going at each other – some say angie is a saint while others claim she is a sinner – some people wrote the longest comments i have ever seen – i almost couldn’t read them all in their entirety – they are so long! almost like mini-essays – it’s all quite crazy and i just had to mention it here – you can read all the comments & cat fighting on angelina over here (start from the bottom up…) – and you can decide for yourself if she is a sinner or saint – go on and post a thesis if you want – whatever i just know she is still so damn gorgeous no matter what and she is a very decent actress and seems to be a good humanitarian – like one person said – the pity party is so over for jennifer aniston although i bet she did cry a bit yesterday when the angie being preggers news hit – anyways i don’t want to get involved in this fray…i just got a chuckle from the whole thing – it’s so funny what actually sets people off…popbytes over & out for now! tomorrow is friday! woo hoo! rock & blog on…xxoo!

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