angelina moves out w/ kids – brad freaks

good evening – below is the very latest scandalous cover of STAR magazine! it’s been way too quiet on the brangelina front – i knew some gossip was bound to rear its ugly head soon and here it is – looks like trouble could be brewing in paradise as the headline suggests brad pitt & angelina jolie could be heading towards splitsville – gosh i hope this isn’t true – especially for all the kids now involved – hopefully this super couple can weather the storm (i will post more on this story later) i wonder what jennifer aniston thinks of the latest rumors? but if matthew mcconaughey is indeed chasing her to be his girlfriend then brad shmad – you all know i live for that matthew! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS speaking of ms. aniston – on my way home tonight stuck in traffic going north on highland (around fountain) i look over and there is her friends co-star matthew perry just chilling in a silver BMW convertible – right next to me! the traffic was so slow and his top was down so i shouted hey matthew – he ignored me at first – so i’m like ok try again…hey matthew… a bit louder this time – he looks over and i was all i’m really looking forward (the honest truth) to your new show studio 60 on the sunset strip – he was like uh ok – gosh he must have thought i was a crazy person – he’s lucky i didn’t whip out my camera which i easily could have done! then mr. perry proceeded to put his top up a few minutes later…just another one of those random moments in hollywood!

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