boys + girls – its so hard to keep track of it all –

– but alas work is great! and last night i spied the setup for the PAYCHECK premiere across the street at the chinese theater – and what a great view – all i could think about was would J LO be there – and she was BUT LATE – caught in traffic – jenny from the block – trapped in LA traffic – ben was gracious – along with the stunningly awesome uma thurman – and apparently the press had to beg jen and ben to get close and snap some shots! scandal! i had my car windows rolled down as i drove past around 6ish – ready to flip the bird to ms lopez – lets see if 2004 is the year jen can come back in my good graces!


this so snuk up on me! while working – i have been way out of touch – from watching 2.5 hrs local news, then peter jennings on abc world news – then extra – and then access hollywood – i was in the know – BUT damn – UMA got her nod for KILL BILL – and gosh she deserves it! dying to take a trip to COLD MOUNTAIN – and a dip in MYSTIC RIVER!

i hear tis brilliant – got to meet one of the lucky ones for the screening at the cinerama on sunset – trilogy tuesday – 9 hrs – all three movies – and the girl looked like liv tyler! gosh what will pete jackson do next?


ok one more time – i am telling the truth – i now have seen all 6 hrs – and damn – it was thrilling – pacino was so good – streep excellent as always – my rule now – altho always in existence – is now spoken – all movies with meryl are a must! mary-louise – is one of the great actresses of our day – has this girl won anything – maybe a tony for PROOF (which was amazing!) – but dudes – this whole setup has emmy written all over it – and bravo bravo bravo to playwright tony kushner – you are a genuis – and watching this pre 9/11 play in a post 9/11 world is oddly prophetic – and if anyone knows justin kirk – he is mine – saw him on bway in terrance mcnally’s love! valour! and compassion! he is too adorable! and one more shout out – jeffrey wright you rock – seriously!


NBC give it a rest – put on reruns of fear factor – this sucks hardcore! – reality is way past saturation – whats next?

i dont mention this much even though i am among the devout – about 12 years now – and kudos to whats going down in salem – 10 ‘key’ players are being axed – including long time veterans and newcomers – and its been gripping with 5 deaths (abe, jack, maggie, caroline, and cassie) the storyline is involving all – and the acting is the best i have ever seen – all these people need is GOOD WRITING – and with their best ratings in 6 years – i hope head writer james reilly can keep the magic going even after the serial killer is exposed – and could it actually be ‘marlena’ – being impersonated by ‘hattie’ – deidre hall needs some substance! on the air since 1965 – i plan on watching this for years to come – something about the serial ongoing plot is warm and comfortable like an old pair of slippers!
im outtie – more soon – mk

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