Anna Wintour is now trolling Kim Kardashian

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour

We know two things for certain: The first is that Anna Wintour has a cold, rich hate that I want to pour into a fine glass and gently sip by the fireplace. The second is that Kendall Jenner was at New York Fashion Week, and ended up pulling more focus than anything Kim Kardashian could have done there. So when Anna was photographed sitting next to Kendall, it was pretty safe to assume that Wintour had started trolling Kim Kardashian hard. Oh gawd yes I needed this. RadarOnline reports …

The lanky 18-year-old, who had social media buzzing with her provocative crawl down the Marc Jacobs catwalk in New York last week, was dressed to kill in an all-black outfit centered around her leather leggings at the event. An insider previously told us that Wintour had “remained typically aloof” to overtures from Kanye about giving Kim the coveted cover, but by these shots alone it’s clear she sees something in Kim’s upstart sibling.

In all likelihood, Kendall probably won’t end up in Vogue either because she has the Kardashian stench on her. That being said, it’s genius. Wintour might as well have sent Kim a personal letter telling her how old she’s become and how younger, more nubile famewhores are going to usurp her throne. That is MAJESTIC shade.


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