annie lennox – live in los angeles!

good evening! i’m going to dig right into my review of annie lennox‘s show last night here in los angeles (please join her on myspace) i must first start off by saying – it was amazing – there’s simply no other way to describe it – it was that good – magical! the evening was also one of those full circle personal experiences – probably when i was about eight years old i purchased my very first two vinyl records – one was madonna‘s like a virgin – the other was eurythmicstouch!

ms. lennox intrigued me as a child with her ambiguous sexuality & androgenic vibe – i knew way back then that she was a super cool lady – and a kick-ass singer & talented entertainer! (i must give kudos to dave stewart as well) so sitting at the wilshire theater (one of LA’s smaller & kookier yet cool venues) almost twenty-four years after first discovering her (in my perfectly centered orchestra seats) there annie was on the stage – like an angel! back in my NYC days i did manage to sit outside one of her central park concerts – gosh those summer concerts rule – it’s such a perfect new york experience – for those of you who have been – you know what i’m talking about! (hey hey to my pals gillian, cindy, sarah & carrie)

at age 52 now – annie commanded the stage – people leapt to their feet (myself included) it was almost church-like at moments! she got standing ovations after pretty much every song – the audience loved her! of course i couldn’t help getting a drop emotional at some points – i couldn’t believe her voice – it soared & melted over everybody! she played nearly two hours (the complete setlist is posted below) and ran through a number of classics as well as new material from her recently released album songs of mass destruction!

she also mentioned how she played at the very same venue like twenty years ago and was happy to be back in LA – there was one fervent fan who insisted on giving her a lei of white flowers – who was eventually asked to sit down by security – but once ms. lennox finished her song – she graciously accepted the gift! i thought she came across as friendly & vulnerable but strong at the same time – it’s hard to explain but for those of you fortunate enough to see her play live – you’ll get where i’m coming from!

gosh what a treat to see her play – and not to get all mushy but stuff like this is really the reason i started popbytes! to be able to see stuff like this (sometimes based on blog credentials) then to write about it – and have people actually read it – i seriously couldn’t ask for anything more at all! many thanks to popbytes’ pals sam & penny for making this happen – you guys rock – of course ‘good music will prevail’! popbytes over & out for tonight – much love to all as always…xxoo!

PS you must read this great review from ann powers in the los angeles times!


1 – no more i love you’s

2 – little bird

3 – broken glass

4 – pavement cracks

5 – dark road

6 – smithereens

solo w/ piano –

7 – here comes the rain

8 – a thousand beautiful things

9 – sisters are doin’ it for themselves

10 – cold

11 – there must be an angel (playing with my heart)

12 – ghost in my machine

13 – when tomorrow comes

14 – thorn in my side

15 – sweet dreams (are made of this)

16 – sing

17 – why

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