Here comes an Archer / Bob’s Burgers crossover!

Archer and Bob's Burgers

So, it turns out I have always deep down wanted a crossover of Archer and Bob’s Burgers, but I didn’t know it until they finally made one and now all I can think about is HOW WAS THIS NOT MADE SOONER? I mean yes, the shows are vastly different in animation style and general amounts of gun fighting and truckasaurus-handed female spies, but now that they’re together it makes all the sense. From The A/V Club

According to an interview with Benjamin over at Entertainment Weekly, the already-recorded episode—which, like the rest of Archer‘s fourth season, doesn’t have a set premiere date yet—will have a “Bourne Identity-type plotline” with an amnesiac Archer working the Bob’s Burgers counter, until his true identity is awakened by an encounter with a group of thugs. The collision of the shows’ now-shared universes will also include appearances from Bob’s wife Linda (but not the kids), and visually it will be ” “Archer-style animation, but with all the accoutrements and characteristics of the [Bob’s] characters.”

For those of you keeping track, this now means that Bob’s Burgers now shares a universe with Archer and Frisky Dingo, and based on how well this goes, the universe might open up even more. Actually, linking fictional universes together can be a surprisingly fun endeavor. Try this: Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, Batman and Kratos from God of War all exist in the same universe. Don’t believe me? Freddy vs. Jason established that Freddy Krueger and Jason shared a universe, and then Mortal Kombat 10 proved that they exist in the same universe as the MK crew as well as Kratos. Then Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe made that canon, so now the chain is complete. Next time you’re watching a Nightmare on Elm Street movie, just know that Superman could have stopped the whole thing in five seconds, but he didn’t because he’s a douchenozzle.

Archer and Bob's Burgers

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