ashlee simpson – i am me

happy saturday people – so yeah i decided today after a little internal pop conflict that i am gonna mention ashlee simpson‘s sophomore musical effort i am me which hits stores this coming tuesday – so much has happened to ms. simpson since her debut album autobiography – first she was caught lip syncing on SNL (and redemeed herself just last week with an actual ‘live’ performance – fairly decent) – older sister jessica simpson and hubby nick lachey are on the road to splitsville – and we all think daddy joe simpson is a bit of a pervert plus i think most of us found ashlee to be a bit irritating – i was pretty over her – so when i got my advanced copy of i am me – i laughed – i was like oh no here we go – but once i put it on – gosh i can’t believe i will admit this on here – i actually kinda enjoyed it – yikes – shame on me – i mean it is what it is – simple pure pop fluff yet quite fun – a few tracks stand out and have become a little infectious over here at popbytes – especially track #4 – L.O.V.E. (listen below) – a short little song that i keep playing over & over again – i wouldn’t say run out and buy this album – but i have a feeling it will produce a bevy of radio hit singles – so i think ashlee will end up doing well with this release – ok i’m outtie – popbytes will be back tomorrow to see what sunday brings…xxoo…

» listen to ashlee simpson’s L.O.V.E. (.mp3 4.5mb)

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