Ashley Tisdale to star in Louis C.K.’s new show?

Ashley Tisdale and Louis C.K.

Yes, we’re just as confused by that headline as you are. Just accept that we live in a dadaist universe ruled by unlogic and move forward with your life. The A.V. Club reports:

Taking the already-unlikely-to-comedy-snobs pairing of CBS and Louis C.K. to its natural conclusion, Deadline reports that the network’s upcoming, now-untitled Louis C.K. and Spike Feresten’s sitcom will star High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale as one of several artistic twentysomethings adrift in a shaky economy that’s overflowing with twentysomethings who define themselves as “artistic.” Tisdale will play Petra, “the beautiful and sarcastic assistant to a vintage clothing designer struggling to carve out her niche in New York,” hopefully while making sarcastic remarks about the inherently ridiculous notion of “designing” vintage clothes.

Granted, talented performers have come out of lame Disney shows in the past (Ryan Gosling was on The Mickey Mouse Club) so you’d be stupid to rule out the possibility that Ashley Tisdale is actually an extremely gifted and funny actress who’s just been saddled with a string of mediocre tween shows, but still … raunchy and dark comedian Louis C.K. combined with a High School Musical starlet?! If your brain didn’t just eat itself and crap itself back out, we can’t be friends.

Ashley Tisdale and Louis C.K.

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