at the movies: watchmen

hey y’all! last night i decided to get out of the house and went to see a 12am screening of watchmen over at arclight cinemas (on their cinerama dome screen) the movie is about three hours long – and then with the time change (did you remember to turn your clocks forward?) i didn’t get home until 4am – but it was well worth it – i really enjoyed it! to be honest i wasn’t all that familiar with the graphic novel upon which the film is based on (i think i need to read that) however i do have a copy of watchmen: the complete motion comic on blu-ray which i’m watching as i write this post – it’s a digital version formulated with limited motion, voice & sound – the production was overseen by co-creator & illustrator dave gibbons – from what i’ve seen so far the film was pretty faithful to the original material! the special effects in the movie were incredible – i loved the whole gritty look & feel – i actually liked it better than the last superhero movie i saw the dark knight (which to be honest i wasn’t all that crazy about) i’d recommend seeing watchmen if you’re up for an engaging story filled with plenty of action – then this is a movie right up your alley! (i also need to pick up a copy of the film’s soundtrack – there were some great tracks like simon & garfunkel‘s the sound of silence) i’m glad i decided to see it during opening weekend – usually if i don’t see a movie when it first opens – i end up catching it on DVD and this is definitely one to catch in theaters! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

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