barons of suburbia

hey kids – it’s monday! i hope everyone had a pop-tacular weekend – i’m recovering nicely from the nasty sunburn i got myself into on saturday (thanks jess for the cortisone tip!) so for this week’s ‘monday .mp3’ i wanted to bring it back to my dear and always tops ms. tori amos who was my original inspiration for this column which now stands at thirty entries as of this post!

below is an amazing bootleg recording of barons of suburbia which she performed during a concert about a year ago in frankfurt germany – hands down one of my favorite tracks off her last brilliant album the beekeeper – so please enjoy! i so can’t wait for some fresh material from my favorite piano girl!

i will be back tonight with my latest round of pop whatevers plus i’m attending a screening this evening of a prairie home companion which i’m really looking forward to (i am a huge altman fan!) and i will fill you all in on what popbytes thinks of la lohan playing daughter to ms. meryl streep…popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

Barons of Suburbia take another piece of my good graces

I’m in my war you’re in yours

Do we fight for peace as they take another piece of us

But baby I would let your darkness invade me

You could maybe turn this white light into navy

Before you leave…

» listen to tori amos perform barons of suburbia (.mp3 10.3mb)


Tori says: “Barons of Suburbia is taking on the behavior of the Barons, that they’ve taken on the patriarchy and their ideology. Whether you’re looking at certain governments or certain relationships, we go back to the personal and the political always.”

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