bat for lashes – horse & i

good morning! this week i’ve got an amazing track & band to share with you – the song is horse & i from bat for lashes (join the band on myspace) whose debut album fur and gold finally hits the US tomorrow! the brains behind the kooky but very interesting operation belongs to brit natasha khan who is joined by ‘accomplices’ ginger lee, abi fry & lizzy carey – i get pitched left & right to post on music and i’m a tough customer to satisfy but something struck a chord within me when i heard their album – it’s magical & ethereal – very ‘björk-ish’ but different – i totally dug it right away! tomorrow night i’ll have the pleasure of seeing the gals play live at spaceland – i’m totally stoked to see them perform! (check out a video i’ve embedded below of them playing in glastonbury) i’ll make sure to do a write up of the show this week – popbytes over &out for now…xxoo!

» listen to bat for lashes horse & i (.mp3 3.5mb)

bat for lashes is the work of british singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist natasha khan. born in 1979, yet combining influences that span decades, natasha’s work dwells in the elemental, emerging in timeless forms.

bat for lashes’ music is bold and vivid. her live shows, with accomplices ginger lee, abi fry and lizzy carey, are made up of thunderous marching band drums, desert guitar, ballet school piano, harpsichord, sub-bass snarls, hand-claps and naive beats, with the women fluidly switching and swapping their instruments between songs. there are also interludes of exquisite heartbreak; the piano ballad “sad eyes” has on more than one occasion left audience members in tears. her debut album fur and gold is a very special record, a cohesive collection of songs so haunting and mesmerizing it makes a striking impression on all who hear it…

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