beck vs devo vs bauhaus mashup!

hey kids! i’ve got the day off from my day job since i have a bunch of things to do today including going to the DMV – oh good times! this week my pal DJ paul v. brings us something totally different yet cool for the mashup of the week…of course i know beck & devo but i’ll admit that i’m not super familiar with bauhaus (shame on me) but all three mashed up together sounds good to me! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


The mashups that really catch my ear these days are the ones that surprise me with the source material – or, they make a blast from the past pop even louder. Such is the case with this brand new track from The Illuminoids. Somehow, Beck‘s slacker anthem from the 90’s sounds right at home with the new wave of Devo, and the vampiric goth of Bauhaus. If you’re still with me here, then give it up for ‘Lugosi’s Mongoloid Loser.’

listen to The Illuminoids – Lugosi’s Mongoloid Loser (.mp3 5.3mb)

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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