being subtle: tattoos of celebrities

hey hey! oh i really think my mom is going to love my brand new tattoo – of oprah winfrey

ha ha ha – i’m just kidding – that’s not mine! my poor mom probably just had a heart attack – it’s not that she doesn’t like oprah – but i don’t think she wants to see her on me! who in their right mind would get anyone’s picture tattooed on them? i love the look of ink – but not when it comes to faces! (names are one thing but full on faces is another) i’m still trying to decide on what i want for my 2nd tattoo – i’d like to get something in honor of tori amos (my first one is a flaming heart for courtney love) yet i certainly don’t want to put a picture of tori! (perhaps something off from the choirgirl hotel – there’s a really neat map featured in the artwork) below are a couple of examples of celebrity tattoos – i can’t believe somebody got bob barker (maybe they won a bunch of stuff on the price is right) i actually like the pee wee herman one (i adore mr. herman but i’ll pass on a tattoo) all are featured in a book called no regrets: the best, worst, & most #$%*ing ridiculous tattoos ever! i don’t know when i’ll get my next tattoo – there’s no hurry – and i want it to be just right (although these days it does seem a lot easier to have ink removed) popbytes over & out for tonight!

no regrets
oprah winfrey
snoop dog
pee wee herman
conan o'brien
bob barker


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