Beyoncé addresses those fake baby bump rumors


Remember how Beyoncé‘s stomach did that weird, caving-in-on-itself thing when she visited the set of an Australian talk show over the weekend? Well, B’s people have decided to address the rumors by calling them bullshit (smart!) and then offering absolutely no explanation as to why in the hell her stomach did that weird foldy thing (less smart!). TMZ reports on the shot down conspiracy theory:

Sorry Internet conspiracy theorists, Beyoncé’s rep claims her baby bump is 100% authentic … despite a video in which her stomach appears to fold over, leading many to believe she was wearing a prosthetic. B’s rep told ABC … rumors about the singer wearing a fake baby bump underneath her dress are “stupid, ridiculous and false.”

The weird thing is, there are actual pictures of Beyoncé’s baby bump, so I’m not one of those people who think she’s faking it. That being said, I do think she probably padded her dress to accentuate the bump, because at this point it’s the only thing Lady Gaga hasn’t done and maybe she wants to rub it in her face.

Beyoncé: Yo Gaga, I saw your last video … the mermaid was nice. But guess what? I GOT PREGNANT BITCH. What you got?
Gaga: … I have a goat.
Beyoncé: FACE!
Gaga: I see your real pregnancy, and raise you… THIS FAKE PREGNANCY!
Beyoncé: HAX!

And the battle rages on…


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