Beyoncé’s hair got snatched by a fan (an actual fan!)



As everyone knows, fans make everything prettier. It’s why at any point during the summer there are fans installed in every nook of my apartment to make sure I have the illusion of movement and also so I don’t spontaneously combust from the heat. My hyrdo bill’s pretty high, but that’s okay. It’s worth it. Anyway, during a concert, one of Beyoncé‘s fans ended up snagging her hair, and she basically had to sit down and sing for a minute while security made sure she didn’t end up getting scalped. Via TMZ

Queen B was performing “Halo” in Montreal when disaster struck … but like the PRO that she is, Beyoncé continued to sing during the incident, NEVER ONCE MISSING A SINGLE BEAT. Eventually, a crew member with a pair of scissors cut Beyonce free … and she sashayed away from the devil equipment. After the show, Beyonce posted a poetic note to her fans explaining the situation … saying, “I got snatched.”

Not to be a worry wart or anything, but OH GAWD, THE MACHINES HAVE BECOME AGGRESSIVE AND HAVE DEVELOPED A TASTE FOR HUMAN HAIR. It’s only a matter of time now. Soon they’ll start learning, then they’ll move on to using tools, and then … the takeover will have started. Why didn’t we learn anything from the Terminator movies? They were so informative!

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