Beyoncé’s House of Dereon crappy ad!

oh lordy – check out the house of dereon ad below – yes it’s that horrible and super tacky clothing line from beyonce (pictured with her sister solange) and her mom tina knowles which is still making the rounds (this ad comes from the latest issue (april ’07) of paper magazine) i’m sorry but it all looks so junky – i think if anyone came up to me and told me they were wearing ‘house of dereon’ i would totally laugh in their face! don’t get me wrong – you all know i’m a huge fan of ms. beyonce but i simply cannot deal with dereon at all – girlfriend needs to toss in the towel! i would love to hear from fans of the clothes…if there are any?!?

there’s only one celebrity line that has my attention at the moment…right now i’m rocking a wallet and bag from gwen stefani‘s harajuku girls line (yes i even have four ms. stefani dolls) she has got the most adorable stuff for sale – i totally love it all – if i was a girl – i’d definitely be gwen! plus she just added new dates to her tour – i’m for sure going to catch her show up in santa barbara! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS get a load of their tagline where the sidewalk and catwalk meet – are you fucking kidding me?!?

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