Beyoncé is banning press photogs from her tour!



As some of you might remember, a couple months back Beyoncé‘s PR team tried to have the internet take down a bunch of unflattering pictures of her, which of course it didn’t because are you kidding? That would be like asking the internet to take down pornography and cat pictures. Well, Beyoncé’s team is at it again, and is trying to ban press photographers from her new world tour. Via HuffPo

The Guardian reported Wednesday that “no photo credentials” have been granted for the tour, which kicked off in Serbia last week. Instead, Beyoncé has hired photographer Frank Micelotta to take pictures, which are then distributed to the press after each show. The decision comes months after Beyoncé’s publicist asked BuzzFeed to remove photos of the singer at the Super Bowl which she deemed “unflattering” in February. The “unflattering” photos were also reportedly removed from Getty.

A couple thing: First, does Beyoncé think we have no idea that she looks weird when she performs? She’s basically moving at speeds the human body was not accustomed to moving, of course there are going to be moments where she looks weird. Second, you’re Beyoncé. You could literally buy and sell most of North America just for shits and giggles. How can you care this much about what a couple people on the web think?

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