So is Beyoncé pregnant again or not?



For the past week, the big rumor has been that Beyoncé may be pregnant with her second child, because if you’re going to drop a bombshell like that, you might as well do it during the slowest news week ever. (Seriously, I did two posts on a restaurant featured on Kitchen Nightmares, it’s that bad!) Anyway, TMZ is now reporting that Beyonce is indeed pregnant, because if we have to report on Amy’s Baking Company one more time, I will punch myself in the ass.

Seems the Beyoncé preggo rumors are true-mors … at least according to E!, which is now reporting the singer is knocked up with her second child. The rumor mill had been in overdrive over the past week — especially with Beyoncé bailing on a concert in Belgium at the last minute due to “dehydration and exhaustion.” Everyone on the planet knows … when a celeb drops the ol’ “D&E” excuse, it’s code for — we’re hiding something.

Oh gawd, please be pregnant. I can’t go through another week of crazy restaurateurs and that Teen Mom that lied to everyone about her porno that she got a million bucks for. I will report on a hypothetical baby. That’s how desperate I am at this point.

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