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Jonathan Antin PART III (aka BLOW OUT on BRAVO), Gawd he’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!…This episode was
sooooo CRAZY. Oh my, I can’t believe there wasn’t any back hand slapping on
last nights show! Ok first of all can BRANDON NOT go there!!! He’s a good looking guy but too
full of himself..and such a shit talker! Oh and before you start lifting
up your shirt sweetheart why don’t you MAKE SURE you’re body is going to be
‘ALL THAT’ than your customers! Do some chest reps for Heaven’s SAKES!

So last night’s ‘Special’ guest was Margaret Cho…I don’t know if it’s just
me but does anyone ELSE thinks SHE’s A WEiRD’O! She’s just so strange…and
funny…UMM…NO! (ok maybe sometimes) – ANYWAYS back to the show! I would just like to give my props out to my girl
JEN! She is such an adorable stylist she’s definitely makes the pretty in
pink!! and JASON…OMG he’s such a hottie…it’s a DAMN shame he’s gay, I THINK?
So Kimberly was finally able to find Jonathan a new ‘Assistant’ He was
soooo picky…he wanted well…pretty much everything that I ALREADY AM!
haha – well that’s too bad I LOVE my job or hey I who know’s It could’ve been
me you’d be watching…OH LORDY NO! – that would be way too much for ms. skimmers to deal with, it’s just too too (too) much to be his assistant!
Oh boy, I can’t wait until the next episode! Will the next heated argument
between Brandon and Jonathan break up this little happy hair salon family???

If anyone’s missed this episode it will be on again this Friday…check out the site for BLOW OUT on


Ms. Skimmers

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