blow out season premiere!

hey kids! that sexy hair guy jonathan antin is back for his second season of blow out on bravo – this reality show focuses on jonathan, his wacky staff, and his salons – and this time around – he is going to be launching his new product line – oh i’m sure as last season – some high drama will ensue – tears will be shed – and maybe someone will be bitch slapped! check out the quotes below from mr. antin himself – so tune in tonight to our beloved bravo when the blow out continues…popbytes out for now!

On his new product line “Jonathan Product”

This new line could make me bigger than Vidal Sasson, but if Jonathan
Product doesn’t hit the shelves in a few months – we will all lose. I
could lose my house, my car, my salons, my employees. I could either come
out the biggest hairstylist in history and a multi-millionaire or I could
lose the shirt off my back.

On the cutthroat LA hair industry

It’s called being bulletproof. It’s a part of the business. You win some,
you lose some – and some you don’t even get at all.

On owning and managing two salons

The pressure, making sure everybody is alright, dealing with both shops,
the money – incoming, outgoing. It’s enough to make you want to light your
hair on fire. It’s enough to make you nuts. But, what else am I going to
do? I’m a hairstylist. That’s what I do.

On being his own boss

Someone tells me to jump, I don’t say how high, I say go f*** yourself.

TONIGHT on Blow Out

“In the season premiere episode of Blow Out, renowned hairstylist Jonathan
Antin juggles the management of his two thriving salons while laboring
towards the worldwide launch of Jonathan Product, Antin’s own hair care
product line. Struggling to meet tight deadlines while still maintaining
Jonathan’s high quality standards, the Jonathan Product executive team calls
on him for an emergency meeting in Baltimore in order to reach some final
decisions on the hair care line. Still unsatisfied with the results,
Jonathan refuses to put his name on a product that is less than the best –
even at the risk of having no product to showcase at all. Already on edge
from missing time in his salons, pressure intensifies when Jonathan realizes
he is double-booked the day of the Golden Globes (Arrested Development’s
Alia Shawkat and Veronica Mars’ Kristen Bell). He seeks the help of Alyn
Topper, one of Jonathan’s most talented stylists at Jonathan Salon Beverly
Hills. Eager to bolster his celebrity freelance clientele, Alyn cancels
bookings in Chicago to prove his worth to Jonathan – but will Alyn have the
chance to strut his stuff once the talent learns who’s slated to style her
red carpet do?”

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