bo bice – here he comes…

hey y’all – so american idol runner-up bo bice is all set to release his debut album next tuesday (dec 13th) – entitled the real thing – i have mixed feelings on the whole thing – first off i swear all of my idol allegiance to ms. kelly clarkson – i used to loathe her but she has really grown on me and i actually will admit to digging her – she is the original idol after all plus i think has been able to secure herself a name outside of the whole idol arena (her second album is just killer) – all of the other winners have pretty much been nowhere to be found – i do really enjoy fantasia a lot but i think her debut album was completely mishandled & not publicized very well at all – she really could be a big star i think but all that oh so bland idol marketing seems to drag people down…but i have my fingers crossed for fantasia – she is quite the cool little lady!

now last season even though carrie underwood was crowned the newest idol – i do think she is a sweet gal and all (i wish her no harm) – but the poor thing has a slim to zero chance of holding on much longer to a music career – i actually think this bice (gosh his last name always makes me think of LICE!) release will far outsell ms. underwood’s debut – i think i would listen to bo’s type of music more than the whole carrie ‘country schtick’ (don’t get me wrong i do love country music – but not crappy & sappy country) – so it will be very interesting to see how bo’s album fares on the music charts – below is a sneak preview of a semi-enjoyable track you’re everything – go ahead and give it a whirl! and soon idol reutrns to FOX for a 5th season (jan 17th & 18th) – and yes the usual gang will all be there – wouldn’t be the same with different judges…i wonder who will ever be able to topple queen clarkson? popbytes out for now…tomorrow is thursday – wee! xxoo

» listen to bo bice’s you’re everything (.mp3 6mb)

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