Boston Bruins Justin Bieber-proofed their locker room

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

If you know anything about hockey, first off, allow me to congratulate you on being the first straight guy to ever visit this blog! Second, you probably know that hockey teams have this thing about anyone standing on their logo in their locker room. So you could probably understand why the Chicago Blackhawks were justifiably pissed that Justin Bieber stood on their logo to get a picture of the Stanley Cup. Having learned from the pain of others, the Boston Bruins decided to Bieber-proof the locker room to defend their logo from the scourge that is Justin’s douchey presence. ESPN reports …

The 19-year-old Bieber, from Canada and a known hockey fan, should have known that NHL teams have an unwritten rule that no one is permitted to step on their logo in the dressing room. So with Bieber scheduled to perform Saturday night at TD Garden in Boston, the Bruins took measures to make sure Bieber didn’t stand on their logo. They roped it off.

Wait wait wait wait wait. Wait. They think they can stop Justin Bieber, the entitled little brat whose never been told no in his life, the kid that peed in a mop bucket for fun, using rope? Seriously? They’d have better luck trying to stop him by imprisoning him in a ring of salt. I know that really only works against demons and evil spirits, but I’m pretty sure it’ll also fend off slugs and other slimey things like that.

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