brad & angelina – too hot!

hey kids! popbytes actually made it to the movies today – and i must say the wait was well worth it – mr & mrs smith simply rocked – and was so utterly entertaining! they both shined and had such amazing chemistry (scandal schmandal) – it was such pure movie bliss – it was so witty & action filled/packed – and just looking at brad & angelina for almost two hours was well worth it! (gosh how hot are they???) – so popbytes highly recommends – it’s a must see – and i predict mucho box-office dollar success coming soon (and perhaps even a sequel) – but as a personal aside let me tell ya my little pop bunnies what an absolute crazy scene the grove/farmer’s market (fairfax/3rd) is on a weekend (if you plan to see a movie – arrive very early to secure decent seats) – it’s teeming with people (plus loads of cuties) – it almost too frenetic for me – i think i still prefer the cinemaista (i love making new words) scene over at the arclight

– and at least i can walk there! (ie no parking drama!) anyways popbytes is out for now! thanks for checking in – much love xxoo (ok one more time – brad + angelina are so hot!!! sizzle sizzle!)

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