brad pitt is welcome to touch me anytime!

good morning! this week’s STAR magazine is once again calling trouble for brad pitt and angelina jolie – who is still rumored to be fuming over brad getting all chummy with the nanny (the cover story two weeks ago) now he’s bunking with the kids because supposedly angelina has banned him from the bedroom – telling him don’t touch me – i can’t imagine any woman (or gay man) saying that to brad – he can totally touch me anytime he wants! (i’d still like to believe everything is totally fine with the couple)

In the April 6 issue of Star we report that Angie is still furious over catching Brad with one of the family nannies and has kicked him out of their bedroom. While the couple once caused a stir with their loud lovemaking at an African resort, now Angelina won’t let Brad near her at home. “Angie is still very angry over the nanny thing,” an insider tells Star. “Right now, the separate bedrooms arrangement seems to be the best thing for them. Brad doesn’t want to face her cold fury every night.” SOURCE

the magazine is also calling out natalie portman and sean pennsupposedly they were caught making out (during a hotel hookup) i can’t really picture them together plus mr. penn does have a gorgeous wife – robin wright penn (who i’ve adored since her days as ‘kelly capwell’ on santa barbara) but i guess that hasn’t stopped anyone before! right now in terms of affairs i’m dying to see what happens with leann rimes and hottie eddie cibrian – there’s definitely something fishy & scandalous going on (her hubby dean sheremet is totally gay – i’ve thought that for years – he’s way adorable too)

last but certainly not least natasha richardson‘s untimely death is also mentioned on the cover (i wonder if she had last words? it sounds like she was unconscious from the time she went to the hospital) i still can’t believe she’s gone – it’s such a sad story – poor liam neeson and his two kids – talk about a freak accident – what a shame :( popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

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