Brandi Glanville should probably just stop talking

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville

I don’t know much about Brandi Glanville, except that she’s LeAnn Rimes famewhore nemesis and they either need to kill each other or f**k already.  Anyway, the more I actually listen to the words that come out of her collagen hole, the more I kind of hope she stops having a career soon, because here she is joking about how she wishes she was molested as a kid. Actually, there are multiple reasons why she shouldn’t have a career — she has no talent! Her only real job is being professionally awful on Bravo — but this is currently number one. RadarOnline reports …

Brandi — who has two young sons, Mason, 10, and Jake, 6 — told the deep-voiced comic, “I was actually stalking you online, Jim, and we have something in common! I, too, wanted to be molested as a child and was passed up.”

“My sister got felt up by a principal, and nothing for me: He didn’t even look at me sideways.”

Jamieson asked the reality star, “Did you feel hurt by that?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Now looking back, I’m super-bummed. I was thinking, ‘All this and nothing?’ Super-hot and they passed me up!”

Ha ha! See? It’s funny because her sister was sexually assaulted as a child! Now, weird question here, but the portal to hell is in Los Angeles, isn’t it? I mean, it kind of has to be right?


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