‘Breaking Bad’ is officially the best show ever?

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

AMC‘s critically-acclaimed hit series Breaking Bad is sadly coming to an end soon (I’m still playing catch-up on Netflix, DON’T JUDGE ME) and to celebrate, The Guinness World Records book has officially bestowed the show with the title of highest-hated TV series thanks to the fact that the entire run has an aggregate score of 99 on Metacritic. Which means it just replaced The Wire as the one show all your friends just go on and on about even though you only just started season two and … stop giving away spoilers! I only just got cable! Don’t be dicks about this! Metro reports …

The AMC drama has accrued a metascore of 99 out of 100 on Metacritic, the site which aggregates reviews from critics across the globe. Following chemistry teacher Walter White’s slide into the criminal underworld, the show has received consistently glowing reviews ever since the pilot. It is currently midway through the second half of its final season, with nerves being shredded as the fate of the anti-hero begins to unfold.

Not gonna lie: I’m a bit surprised that they started giving out records based on Metacritic. Even weirder: Somehow, Murphy Brown managed to get a perfect 100 score, although it only got reviewed by 5 critic whereas Breaking Bad managed a near perfect score from 22 reviewers. None too shabby.

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