Britney Spears: Done with David Lucado’s cheating ways!

Britney Spears and David Lucado

Britney Spears and David Lucado

Coming off of the “BRANGELINA GOT MARRIED!” story, here’s one about a massive pop star splitting up with her boyfriend–who messed up in a big way. Britney Spears‘ (loser) boyfriend David Lucado (where the hell did she find this redneck–just ugh) not only decided to cheat on her, but also taped the whole damn thing. And here’s where it gets even worse: Britney’s dad Jamie Spears–who still holds a conservatorship (now in its sixth year) over Brit–bought the rights to the video, so if it’s duplicated or distributed, he will sue the violators for copyright infringement. No, seriously

TMZ broke the story … a video has surfaced of David Lucado dancing with and kissing a woman a couple of weeks ago. A rep for Jamie Spears tells TMZ … when Jamie got wind of the video he contacted the agency that was selling it and swiftly coughed up a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money to secure it. We’re told Jamie — who has been Britney’s conservator for over six years — then called Britney and told her he had something to show her … and it was important. When Brit saw the evidence that was all she needed … she immediately declared the relationship over. The wild card — we don’t know if the “other woman” who secretly shot the video made other copies, but Jamie’s rep tells TMZ in no uncertain terms … if anybody posts or publishes the video he will sue them for copyright infringement. SOURCE

That’s messed up, right? I mean, I got lucky in that I’ve never had to deal with a super nasty breakup, but even by those standards that’s just super f*cked up. It’s bad enough that it was taped, but for it to now be the property of her own dad? Yeah, ouch. That’s really terrible.

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