britney spears…a bloated sexaholic?!?

why did this all have to go so very wrong? britney spears quickly became the top ‘messy messerson’ of the year…even though she was a late entry into the game! once she ditched kevin federline – the gates were swung wide open (along with her legs) and britney came out racing/partying like we’ve never seen before! this week STAR magazine is concerned that britney could be a sexaholic – with those outfits she very well could be! at least we don’t have to worry about paris hilton influencing her anymore – it looks like twosome might be splitting up!

look how cute britney was back in ’01 wearing that black lace dress – five years later she went digging through her closet and pulled that number out again but her body is far from how it used to be…it looks like someone had to help her pour into it (i’m surprised it didn’t tear!) but that person should’ve also told her to wear a black bra! the pink one looks so damn trashy – not cute at all! also check out her new bloat factor below – girlfriend needs to make her new year’s resolution to whip herself back into shape – we know she can do it and we’re all pulling for her! plus ms. spears also needs to go and get herself a way overdue pedicure…i love how the magazine termed her toes – toebese – ha! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

sadly, she sees being popular as the best way to get what she really wants: a man. “she wants a boyfriend desperately. she’s the type of girl who always needs to have a guy,” another source explains. “that’s why she’s been going out at night and dressing in see-through, sexy clothes.” brit may not be a total sexaholic, but, no doubt, she’s got an equally debilitating disease: she’s a man-a-holic!

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