britney spears – buildin’ a mystery…

oh that interview didn’t help britney spears one bit! i think it actually made things worse! this week’s STAR magazine uncovers and tries to answer the top questions that are plaguing us all! and then today she goes and puts up a small clip of a new song called ‘rebellion’ on her website (under the LOVE B bubble) – brit certainly knows how to keep us guessing but she really has no clue what the hell she is doing! below are the questions – print ’em out and bring to your next work meeting or when you are hanging with friends and debate amongst yourselves! oh the mysteries of spederline! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

1. Why did Britney look so bad?

2. Why did Matt let her off the hook over her mommy mistakes?

3. Why did she say there were lots of paparazzi when she drove with Sean Preston on her lap – when there weren’t?

4. How could Britney not have known for two months that Kevin had kids and a baby mommy?

5. Did the interview improve her image?

6. Does Britney really clean her own house?

7. What’s up with Madonna?

8. Was Julia (Roberts) furious?

9. Was Britney telling the truth when she said her marriage was awesome?

10. Why does she epxect privacy?

11. Why did she dis the emergency room doctor?

12. Can she come back? (this is my favorite one to debate)

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