Britney Spears is fleeing to France?

oh here we go again w/ the latest cover of STAR magazine – i’m not even really going to address the main story – i’m totally over them using angelina jolie for tabloid fodder – yes she’s thin but she’s fine yet they can’t seem to get enough of her – it’s growing way tired!

i much prefer the gossip on the bottom right – which claims britney spears has a plot to flee to france with her two boys (obviously to avoid the upcoming custody battle with her ex-hubby kevin federline) i doubt she’ll become a ‘runaway mom’ anytime soon but it’s pretty funny to think about (she probably doesn’t even know where france is…) at this point france can have her (they can give her some culture lessons) she’s such a fucking mess and i don’t expect anything great from her anytime soon (it sounds like her rumored appearance at MTV’s video music awards is not happening…)

above ms. spears we’ve got deep, dark & shocking ‘secrets’ from some of the high school musical cast – i guess i should just tell you all know since it’s bound to come out anyways…i’m having a super hot & steamy affair with zac efron – well at least in my mind! lordy he’s way too cute – gosh i’d totally make out with him for hours on end! (i haven’t even see either HSM or HSM 2 – i know it’s all the rage on cable right now but it’s so not my thing…although i bet it’s probably a guilty pleasure!)

on the top there’s katie holmes & tom cruise who supposedly are sleeping in separate beds – i wouldn’t be surprised at all if this were true – i still find them to be a bizarre couple – and probably scientology says sleeping in different beds will help to keep those pesky thetans away! i will say that little suri cruise is really adorable but i doubt her parents will stay together – maybe they’ll hang on for a few years but she’ll be wanting out at some point! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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