britney spears is into pornography?!?

good evening! now that i’ve had a couple of days to listen to britney spears new album circus (which leaked on the internet a few weeks before it’s official release on december 2nd) i’ve decided overall it’s quite decent but it does not top her last album blackout which is simply amazing (and landed in my top ten favorite albums of ’07) but sadly it never really got promoted – since we all know ms. spears was a bit on the unstable side – her new album will sell more copies for sure – simply because of all the super heavy promotion surrounding her latest release (plus i know she’s about to announce a world tour very soon…i must see her live!) there’s also a number of bonus tracks – including one called phonography – where brit talks about her love of getting hot & heavy over the phone (didn’t she say once that her & ex-hubby kevin federline were into steamy phone chats?!?) yet when i first heard the track – i thought she was saying ‘pornography’ but once she dropped the term ‘bluetooth’ – i knew she was talking about phones – not porn – have a listen britney’s sexy phone track below for yourself! gosh – all the ladies seem to be into their phones right now – beyonce has a track on her new album called video phone! popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

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