britney spears – on a deadly diet?!?

good morning! with britney spears being on a mega high this week – of course some people are trying to drag her down – this week’s new STAR magazine is featuring ms. spears front & center with a claim she’s on a ‘deadly diet’ – and that’s how she’s been able to drop a few pounds – i’m seriously hoping she hasn’t prescribed to any risky weight loss plans – i have to say she looks great right now and is miles away from those oh so crazy days (like when she shaved her head almost a year ago – that was so totally insane) i can’t wait to see her in concert her in los angeles on april 16th – and i’m thrilled about pussycat dolls opening for her – i’ve been dying to see those gals play live! popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

PS yes twilight star kristen stewart was caught smoking some pot – she’s my new hero!

Britney Spears is back on stage, looking slim and toned. But behind closed doors, she’s using pills to kill her appetite, is plagued by insomnia and shaking fits – and feels totally trapped. How long before another major crash? In the Dec. 15 issue of Star, on sale now, we report that although Brit has come a long way since her shocking mental breakdowns, insiders say she’s far from fine. In fact, the pop tart is so obsessed with her body that she goes to bed hungry and is abusing a prescription drug to keep her weight down.

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