Britney Spears’ romance explodes in violence?!

Reports are beginning to surface that Britney Spears was beaten by her former manager and current boyfriend, Jason Trawick. Now, domestic abuse is never something to joke about, and I promise I won’t, but it should probably be stated that the ‘sources’ for this story are Star magazine and one of Britney’s ex-boyfriends, Jason Alexander, whom she was married to for fifty-five hours back in 2004!

Britney Spears made the shocking admission about being beaten up by Jason Trawick to her former husband Jason Alexander during a candid conversation. Representatives for Britney and Trawick denied the story but has exclusively obtained Star magazine’s audio of Alexander and Britney talking – audio where Britney plainly states that Trawick beat her. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO

Look, if this is actually happening, then Britney needs to dump Jason’s ass ASAP and move on. Yet on the other hand, I would like to remind everyone this is Star magazine. Whether this is me not wanting to believe another story of domestic abuse or just the fact that Star is basically just toilet paper with lies printed on it remains to be seen.

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