britney spears goes bald – she shaved her head!

oh my goodness – i can’t fucking believe this!!! britney spears shaved her entire head! she’s bald just like her snatch! (read the x17 post) oh my gosh – oh my word – i’m losing my mind! today was a doozy of a rollercoaster with ms. spears…she was in rehab – she was out of rehab – actually according to her publicists she was simply on a plane! so tonight i’m sitting down settling into my weekend when all of a sudden the 11pm news comes on with word that britney spears shaved her head – i literally almost passed out!!! i quickly grabbed my camera and snapped the pictures below of her at a sherman oaks (oh the valley!) tattoo parlor where she got a small tatt of red lips on her wrist! her mom lynne spears must be totally wetting herself over this latest escapade and please make sure to check out the britney story over at thatotherblog

one eyewitness at the tattoo parlor said she seemed scattered and confused and wasn’t answering a lot of questions plus she hinted that britney may have gotten more than one tattoo!!! oh man ms. spears is a total mess – it’s unbelievable – she needs help and fast! although i will say the new shaved look is kinda hot…i’ve always been a big fan of sinead o’connor & the whole demi moore ‘GI jane’ look! even though i’m all wired over the latest ‘loop de loop’ with britney i must sleep soon! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

PS ok so i was just walking my two dogs (fidel & parker) and this cab pulled over right in front of my building and this girl swung the door open and puked her guts out right on the street!!! i was like oh my gosh how britney of her…i quickly ran upstairs to witness the drama from my balcony – she finished her business and closed the door and the cab took off! oh i’ll i bet that the cab driver was beyond thankful she gave him the ‘i’m gonna puke so pull over’ warning! there’s nothing like the smell of puke in cab…

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