britney spears – still a mess!

oh man – even though she posted that message on her website recently (not that she wrote it) britney spears continues to be a big ol’ mess! first off she dyed her hair black again – it’s not that horrible but in all our years of loving ms. spears i can’t remember a time when her hair was black – do you? (when she was performing/recording – i know she had her hair black not too long ago) whoever is in charge of her hair at the moment needs to stand back (hello stevie nicks) & reassess the situation…dare i say call in ken paves (oh jessica & ashlee this could be your big chance to run with the ‘in’ crowd!) then ms. spears was recently spotted smooching with producer JR rotem – she shouldn’t be smooching anyone! (the divorce isn’t even final right?) its like take a break – at least for a few weeks girl! (could you imagine if she gets knocked up again in the near future?) oh i simply don’t get it!

gosh everyone was rejoicing when word broke she was splitting from kevin federline but i just don’t think it’s going down like anyone planned! i will say this…whenever her new album comes out (who knows when that’ll be!) its gotta to be fucking tight – it needs to be a killer comeback…if she pulls a public affair like ms. simpson did – it’s all over! my main recommendation for ms. spears is to place a phone call to timbaland and set-up some sorta meeting – IMHO the best producer of the year – he worked wonders with nelly & justin! at least there is one small glimmer of hope to this story our gal christina aguilera apparently sent xmas presents for britney’s sons sean & jayden! i’ll tell you – those two so need to hang out and britney needs to ditch her present company! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

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