britney to her kids: you were both mistakes!

hey hey! there’s no rest in sight for britney spears who lands another scathing magazine cover – this week’s STAR claims britney told her two boys sean preston & jayden james they were both mistakes! not that they’d really understand what she meant – if she did indeed blurt that statement out at some point since they’re both pretty young still! this cover continues the whirlwind of bad press ms. spears has received lately – things are looking better by the day for kevin federline to gain sole custody! (although last night she was out & about with the boys showcasing her good parenting skills…)

and how about the chatter that britney could be opening the MTV video awards next month (sept 9th) in las vegas – i think it will be a huge mistake unless she pulls it off perfectly but by the looks of things now – it could be another nail placed in the coffin of her career! i just don’t see her being spot on – plus she’ll probably (most likely) lip sync – another possibly disastrous move! i have a sinking feeling things are going to get really ugly between brit & kevin over the next few months – i seriously wish she could just pull herself together…unfortunately she seems scattered all over the place at the moment in a million different messy pieces – she’s like a modern day humpty dumpty! i will say though she looks great on the cover of the new allure magazine!

in other stories we’ve still got more on angelina jolie‘s shrinking weight crisis (supposedly she’s down to 95lbs – show me the scale!) however i still think that’s getting blown out of proportion and ms. jolie will be fine! next to her there’s sexy stud matthew mcconaughey getting serious (maybe even engaged!) with his girlfriend camilla alves – could there be wedding bells soon? then we’ve got drama for pink – whose hubby hottie carey hart could be dabbling around with infidelity! gosh i’d totally hate to seem them split up – i think they make such an awesome & hot couple! so there you have it – and the answer is no – i don’t believe everything i read like i was accused of last week – posting the covers here are a great jumping off point for a little commentary on the latest gossip! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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