Brittany Murphy was poisoned by the government?

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy

Back when I started writing, Brittany Murphy was one of the first big media circuses I ever had to deal with. Her death in 2009 was shocking and bizarre, and the fact that her husband Simon Monjack died soon after in a similar fashion was equally weird. Well, she’s returning to the news again, because her friends and family are convinced that she poisoned … by the government! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!!! Hollywood Life reports …

“We believe that she was poisoned by somebody,” Julia Davis (friend of Brittany) told us. “We’re not pointing figures at who but we would like investigators to look into. We’ve submitted formal demands to reopen the case. Hopefully the LAPD will — they had previously closed it within one hour, so clearly didn’t investigate enough. Hopefully now, they’ll do that promptly.”

“After blowing a whistle on Homeland Security, they targeted me on a number, 54 actually, investigations,” she explained. “In one of them they used Brittany’s name in claims that she had told them I was working on a movie when I was supposed to be at work. It was bogus, so Brittany came to my defense and we got her attorneys into it as well. From that point on, she was targeted by Homeland Security as was her husband, Simon [Monjack]. They were both placed under constant surveillance.” READ MORE

So let me get this straight: Brittany died, and you waited four years to reveal that she was secretly killed by the government because … no seriously, what? Remember when her husband Simon said that Brittany died from sadness when she wasn’t cast in Happy Feet 2? Even THAT makes more sense than whatever the hell this conspiracy theory is going on here.

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