carmen electra’s prepaid mastercard

maybe you all heard about this? carmen electra has her very own prepaid/debit endorsed mastercard that you can like purchase things with! all the the fine print & details are over at plus you can apply for the card online! could you imagine the looks you would get at the grocery store when you take it out to pay?!? i know celebrities endorse a lot of stupid ass shit but for some reason this just made me laugh out loud – even carmen’s little dog is wondering what the hell is up with this?

ms. electra is sweet and all and i know she is going through a ‘rough’ time with her pending divorce from hubby dave navarro but she so could have done without this one! makes you kinda wonder what’s next a tara reid visa card? that might actually be fun to whip out at a bar for a few laughs! popbytes over & out for tonight – check you all tomorrow!

It’s unique – No other card gives you the opportunity to win prizes like cash, Carmen Electra-autographed merchandise and invitations to exclusive Carmen Electra cardmember events. (hold me back people!)


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