Catherine Zeta-Jones took a camera to the face!

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Please note: This is not what people mean when they say a model gives great face. Anyway, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas were in London last night when the paparazzi came down on them, and of course, one thing lead to another and one of the photogs ended up smacking her across the face with a camera.

The star couple was arriving back to a London hotel amid a gang of paparazzi when Catherine began shouting, “He punched me!” referring to one of the photographers in the crowd. She continued, “I want a police officer right now. He punched me!” While Catherine stood safely inside the lobby, Michael returned to the pap pack to seek out the man Catherine accused of getting physical with her. Once in front of the lensman in question, Michael used an icy stare and some aggressive actions against the photog-in-waiting . SOURCE

Oh come on, not cool. You saw a cancer survivor and you’re first instinct was “HIT HIS WIFE IN THE FACE WITH A MACHINE!”? So not cool. This is why I never smile for pictures. That and the fact that I have gigantic horse teeth. Seriously, I look like I should have my own feedbag full of oats.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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