Celeb Health Trend: Do e-cigarettes work?

Veppo E-Cigarettes

FitnessBytes with Wes Ferguson

Even though many a snarky blogger has commented that Johnny Depp looks like he reeks of cigarette smoke: 1) I think he looks like he reeks of sexiness 2) He doesn’t smoke cigarettes.

Johnny says he gave up smoking for his kids and has been seen using an electronic version, even on the big screen during a scene in The Tourist (although you probably wouldn’t know that since not many people saw that movie).

Thanks to the good folks over at Veppo, I’ve joined the movement! The company heard my cries for help in this area and sent me a sweet package to try out their latest e-cigarette device. All I had to do was charge the battery up (via USB or an old-fashioned socket), drop in the flavor / e-liquid nicotine drops and take a few puffs of the 510 e-cigarette to satiate my cravings. It works, if you commit to using it. Not only is it a very decent substitute, but my kisses taste better plus there’s no chance of making cigarette burn marks! If you know somebody who’s trying to kick the habit, for sure consider picking up one of Veppo’s stylish and sophisticated products, it’s the perfect gift this holiday season!


Veppo E-Cigarettes

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