celine dion – taking chances – video

hey hey! oh my gosh – i had the longest day ever – i finally broke down and bought a new television (my old TV was about nine years old!) but there was a ton of drama getting it mounted up on the wall – luckily all is ok now and i’m totally enjoying the new viewing experience! (plus i can’t wait to play my wii in HD!) i still need to post about last night’s jennifer lopez show which was one of those truly perfect evenings – from the start – right up to a very sweet ending – i had such an awesome time! for right now though i’ve decided to post the latest celine dion video for her new single taking chances which also happens to also be the title of her upcoming album releasing on nov 13th! (the song was originally part of the whole platinum weird project – which never quite took off – which was a shame – since it was pretty good – i’m glad the song is getting more action – it’s a very decent track) it’s great to see ms. dion doing something different than her las vegas spectacle (which is growing old after like three years) totally time for celine to move on and in my humble opinion i think she has a nice shot at a hit with this song! (and she’s also looking pretty fab!) popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo

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